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Dr Ken Brown



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  • Articles/Features/Reviews
  • Bid Writing
  • Briefing Notes
  • Case Studies
  • Corporate Literature
  • Document Production
  • Evaluations
  • Newsletters
  • Online Editing
  • Online Help Files
  • Policies
  • Promotional Literature
  • Report Writing
  • Research Reports
  • Text Books/Work Books
  • Training Manuals & User Guides



I offer the following services:

  • Writing training materials and guides
  • Preparing funding bids
  • Undertaking and writing evaluation reports
  • Preparing questionnaires and other research instruments
  • Undertaking both field and desk based research
  • “Clean-up service” involving the review draft reports, essays and dissertations and then proofreading, making amendments and improving the standard of English. This may be helpful particularly to those for whom English is not their first language.

I write to the needs of the client reflecting the audience to which text will be presented. I am also able to write in simple, jargon-free, terms to meet a general readership. I am able to create text to meet specific reading capability where needed.

I am sensitive to the relationship between culture and language and always mindful of the protected characteristics defined within the Single Equalities Act when preparing text.

A friendly and professional service provided.

I have spent most of my career in the broad arena of education and learning. I have worked in educational institutions from schools to university and then as a consultant.

I have provided research papers and training materials for a range of national and local bodies over the past 20 years including government departments and national charities. Whilst I presented a paper to the Global Conference of Teachers in Business Education in New York in 2008, I have also worked with individual professional migrants to the UK helping them with their application of English to a range of situations.

I have written learning materials, training guides and case studies, edited two course manuals for teachers published by Longmans and produced CD Rom materials for national bodies.

I am a Director of a Social Enterprise and have recently written guidance for new social entrepreneurs that has been published on the website of a major regional body.


Dependent upon technical level and negotiable.

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