Here are just some of the comments from clients, freelancers and students about our sites.

From Freelancers:

"Hello ... Your site has put lots of work my way in the last year, including a couple of good ongoing projects - many thanks....

I'll be renewing my subscription after Christmas - so I'll be in touch then. Thanks," JG

"Hi ... I’ve been meaning to say for a while that if you’d like a testimonial I’d be happy to provide one – Freelance Writers has proved an excellent service, and I’ve had quite a few spontaneous enquiries as a result of it, including one from a major London ad agency. Shows that some significant players really do use it. Thanks again, " TV
"I’m getting good enquiries directly from freelance-writers.co.uk at the moment. Keep up the good work! " PC
"I have just renewed my subscription through PayPal. It was a great first year, and I only wish I had known about you before! Kind regards" JS
"Very busy workwise, and some good clients have come from the site. Have to turn some down tho' these days too! Thanks for all you do" LB
"I’ve had a load of work through the site recently. Thanks for that – I haven’t had to actively look for work for ages!" RC
"Just to let you know, I've started with one of the companies that had posted a project and it's going really well, thanks!" KC
"Just for information I have completed KH's project (84). And I have proofread a dissertation for someone who got my contact details from this listing. I don't think two clients after less than two weeks on the site is bad going - long may it continue!" FC
"Thanks for the reminder of the renewal and I wouldn't dream of coming off your site after it has provided me with plenty of work and a (probably) permanent regular writing job! Joining your site was one of the best things I ever did, so I hope your site continues to grow. (Another commission came in today at the same time as your e-mail.) I must update my entry at some stage, if I ever get time between the various assignments your site has provided!" JW
"Your site is great - I've received almost £8,000 of work from it in the last year so I'm definitely coming back for a second year! " CD
"Just thought I'd e-mail you to advise of my progress and how pleased I have been to gain three projects directly from clients who accessed the directory via the freelance-proofreaders web site.

Continue with the good work and thanks for all that you do." TP

"Things are going really good, I have received quite a few contracts through the site and I'm still doing the CVs, which is a regular earner." CJ
"By the way, I'm pleased to report I got some work today... So your site really works!" MM
"On another note, I have to say I am really impressed with the site. Although I have only been registered for a few weeks, I have already had two enquiries (one of which has turned into a firm booking) so thank you for all your help!" FB
"And thanks for all the interesting new avenues and contacts your excellent site has opened up for me since I joined in the summer!" JW
"I've just finished a job for a client who got my name from the website. ...made a nice change from all the medical stuff I usually edit. All the best." LM
"Thanks again for all your help, it's nice to finally meet someone that's helpful and cares about people trying to work from home." JB
"The service you are providing is fantastic - I've already had a number of inquiries and it's certainly proving a very easy way to find work! " KT
"I am getting a few enquiries a week from your site, so thanks again." HB
"I have to tell you I've had more enquiries through freelance-proofreaders than through the yellow pages!" FR
"Delighted with new business which has come through as a result of our entry so yes definitely wish to renew the entry. I’ll do that right now. Thanks, M" MG
"I have to say that I am now full time, thanks to this site I have doubled my previous 'Employed income', so thanks for that!

Thank you again, and yes you can quote me! I am in the process of building my own website, I thought I might put a link in to here if you want, afterall there are only 24 hours in a day!" KS

"I've done very well by your website.

Thanks for your excellent service" DH

From Clients:

"Hello ... I would be grateful if you could remove my project from your site as I have had a good response and have found a freelancer to work with. Good Service. Regards, Steven" SW

"Just writing to quickly congratulate you on the service that you supply, this has been an impressive uptake on the post that we made earlier. Many thanks," PC
"Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know that we've just recruited several people via Freelance Secretary. Thank you!!! Kind regards, John" JH
"For info, all responses are being shared with the client for review. It's a good service you have - I wish you luck with it and will use it again." DM
"Would you be able to take down our project listing from the Freelance-Writers? We ended up accepting the response from ........, who also happened to be the first responder. I am very impressed with your service and will definitely keep it in mind for future projects. Kind Regards," JB
"We found someone...you have a great resource!" DH
"We have selected our initial panel of proof-readers, several of which came from your website. Many thanks for your help. Thanks again. Kind regards" SP
"Thanks for the speedy site. The project has been awarded to one of your freelancers... Thank you for the service your site has provided without which I would still be held to randsom by publishing houses charging an arm and a leg for proofing. Well done to all involved what a clever idea!" BR
"Please note my project has now been completed. Your services have been very useful and I would use your company again to find proof-readers." RL
"We recently took on another lady through you so thanks again very much for a sterling service." JH
"Thanks for the great service, I have found a person to do my web copy so could you please close my project. I wish you all the best." MT
"Using your site was a great success. We had about thirty bids, fifteen of which were very solid in terms of our needs. We ended up choosing three to take on our project, but it was a tough decision given the quality of the freelancers. We'll certainly use your service again if or when the need arises." MK
"First of all, let me congratulate you on an excellent service! I really felt at a loss when I was told I needed a professional editor as I had no idea of where to look. This service made my life a lot easier! I was overwhelmed by the response." MM
"This has been an excellent service. Thanks." BM
"You have been very kind to me , I am very impressed with your very innovative service , thank you." MA
"Thank you for the care and support for me. Thanks to your help, I was able to complete my dissertation work by the deadline." NA

From Students undertaking our courses:

"My course tutor has been brilliant, she has answered all my questions without fail (even at 3a.m.)!!! She has been extremely informative and helpful and even though I am in Australia which is a good 8 hours away from you, there has been no delay in response. I am only disappointed I cannot meet her in person. Cheers!" Merridi

"Hi, I enjoyed the course very much and it was very challenging, which was great! Thank you so much for all the help. It has really been a great experience and I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future with questions. It's been fun and I wish you great success in the future. One of the best aspects of the course is the continuing access to the site and all the great resources linked to it. Again, thanks and best wishes. You are one of the best teachers I have known." Beth
"Thanks once again - the service you offer really is first class. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, but in addition to this the advice and support you give is excellent." Annette
"Thank you too for all your help during the course: I've learnt a great deal, both from the course itself and your feedback throughout. I'm raring to go now - well, as soon as I get back from holiday, that is!" Claire
"Now that I have undertaken your tutorial and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it, I am very keen to get started on some real work. Thank you for your support." Beverley
"I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed your course. I have learnt a great deal." Sarah
"Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the tutorial. The advice and support given throughout was invaluable. Thanks again!" Sophie
"Many thanks for the tutorial - it is exactly what I was looking for." Peta
"I really think your site is excellent and must congratulate you on such a clear and well laid-out site. It is quite rare to find one like it these days with such quick links that all function properly!" Janet

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